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From: Speedo Boy
Subject: Cock Sucking Speedo Boy (b/t, Oral, 1st)It was during the summer of my tenth year I discovered how much I loved to
wear my Speedos out in public and how hard they made my cock.My family always traveled down to the island to spend a few weeks in the
summer, staying in a caravan park and spending most of the day down at the
beach. Mum had brought my brother and I new bathers for the season and had
also purchased Speedos to go underneath our board shorts. My older brother
had insisted on a black pair that I wished that I owned however I got a pale
blue pair.I loved the thought of wearing 'underwear' on the beach, just like a girl in
a bikini being able to show off nearly everything, why did boys not like
wearing them? So I kept my shorts on, making sure I fitted in with what was
expected. However any chance I had, I pulled my shorts off and stripped down
to my Speedos. I used to have a little inflatable row boat and I would row
50 metres of so off shore and anchor with a coke bottle filled with sand.
Then carefully lower my shorts as I laid down in the boat and feel the sun
on my near naked body, gently stroking my cock through the lycra.One afternoon I went for a long walk right up the other end of the beach
with my towel and laid down in the sun. Looking around and seeing no one
nearby, I pulled my shorts down and laid down in the sun. My cock soon
getting hard at the thought of being seen out in public with porn teen thumbs just this
little blue piece of lycra hiding my hard dick.As I turned over on library teen porn post to my back I noticed a young guy, maybe in his late
teens standing at the edge of the beach in the trees staring at me. He had a
nice body non nude teen vagina and a blonde head of hair, but what I noticed the most was the
tight pair of red Speedos he had on.A teen midget porn
fellow Speedo lover! Here was a cool guy who wore his Speedos in public! I
stared at this guy for way too long and was about to look away when he
motioned for me to come over to him. Standing up I slowly wondered over
towards him, my little cock poking out the fabric in my Speedo."Hi! I'm Glenn," he said to me as I looked up at him, my face in line with
his chest."I'm Peter," I stammered back. "Looks young teen porn
like you prefer a Speedo to those
shorts?" he questioned me. "I guess," I replied "I don't see to many guys in
them.""Well I love them," he said "In fact all my friends do - free teen porn gallaries I guess we're a
Speedo club""Sounds cool," I replied "What do you do?""In the club? Just get together and enjoy wearing our Speedos - you want to
join?""Yeah - I guess, what do I have to do?"A smirk appeared briefly on Glenn's face. "Come with me and I'll show you".Grabbing my towel and shorts I followed Glenn into the bushes, after a short
trek through the undergrowth dressed only in our Speedos we stopped in a
small clearing littered with pine needles."Lay teen porn archives
your towel down here." he said real underage teen porn
pointing young teen porn to the ground."Now as part of the club, you need to become one with your Speedo and really
get to know it, also you need to respect the older members, think you can do
that?"I shrugged my shoulders "I guess so"."So your prepared to do exactly as I say?""Yes""Ok, kneel down. The first thing you have to do is study my Speedo. Look at
it closely and smell it."Kneeling down my face was now at his crotch I looked intently at his Speedo,
inhaling his scent and noticing the slight bulge made by his cock."See anything you like?" he asked.Not exactly sure what meant I said "Yeah" thinking he was talking about his
bathers."Now as a new member you must service the older guys ok?" "I guess," I
replied still not understanding what he meant."Feel my Speedo with your hand." Reaching forward I felt the front of his
Speedo, his cock jerking under my touch. "That's it, keeping feeling that
Speedo".Stroking the front of his lycra bathers his cock continued to get hard."Can you feel my cock?" he asked, looking down at me."Y-y-yes" I stammered."Well while you've been getting to know my Speedo you made my cock hard.""Sorry," I replied."Well try teen porn
now you have to fix it," he replied."Huh? How?""Reach in and pull it out," he commanded. "But.." I started teen porn 86
to reply."You want in the club or not?" he asked, looking down at me."I guess.""Put your hand in my Speedo and pull out my cock - NOW."Reaching in with my hand I pulled out his hardening cock, pulling the balls
out and letting the Speedo flick back behind his ball bag. Now his seven
inch cock bounced in front of my face, nearly poking me in the eye. My own
cock was also now hard as a rock."Now you need to service me." Glenn demanded."Huh?""Put my cock in your mouth and suck on it Speedo boy."I looked up in shock at him "What?""Open your mouth"Looking up into his eyes, something inside me made me comply with his
request and my ten year old virgin mouth opened slightly. Grasping my head
between his hands he guided his teen fuck pervs shaft to my partly opened lips.Slowly his hard cock pushed it's way into my mouth, pushing past my dry
lips."Keep your teeth back and make sure you suck."Giving in to the events that had overtaken me, I started to work on the
teenagers cock that was now pushing into my mouth. Using my tongue I licked
the underneath of his manhood as my lips locked around his shaft. Moving
slightly whilst down on my knees, I started to bob my head up and down his
shaft taking my first cock deep as I could into my mouth.I couldn't believe I was down on my knees with some strangers cock in my
mouth!However the situation was making me very hard and I started to touch my own
cock."I see your liking this - however no touching yourself whist you service an
elder.""I black teen gay porn thought you might be a cocksucker."That last word bounced around in my head, I had heard it so many times in
the playground - and now that's what I was - a cocksucker! Removing my hands
from my cock I continued to work on the teen porn models naked
hard cock pumping in and out of my
mouth.My lips were getting sore from being stretched for so long but I something
kept me going. I couldn't believe that wearing a Speedo had turned me into a
cocksucker. However it felt good to have that hard cock between my lips."Ok here comes your reward." Glenn moaned.All of a sudden I felt his body tense and suddenly realised he was about to
shoot his load of cum into my mouth. I looked up at him and tried to shake
my head to say no when I thought to myself - what the hell - I'm now a
cocksucker I might as well finish the teen black rape porn job.Moving his cock to the edge of my mouth his cock suddenly jerked and
exploded, warm cum juice flooding into my mouth. The salty taste and sticky
fluid filled my mouth and I looked up at Glenn."DO NOT SPIT IT OUT!" he hissed, "Open up and show me my load."Opening my mouth I showed him his cum pooling in the bottom of my mouth that
was also covering my tongue."OK cocksucker you can swallow now."Closing my mouth I swallowed down my first load of man juice. I can still
remember the thick load of cum going down to my stomach."Not bad for your first blowjob" Glenn smiled down at me, "With some
practice you'll get very good at giving head.""Now I want you back here tomorrow at the same time ok? I'll need you to
suck my cock again to make sure your right for the club. That ok with you
cocksucker?"I flushed at being called that term again and then got excited at my new
role in life - sucking cock."What about my cock? Don't you suck me?" I asked."Peter some guys are tops and some are bottoms - your a bottom - your get
down on your knees and take a cock in your mouth when requested, always
swallowing the load. You don't get sucked. Now repeat after me 'I'm a cock
sucking Speedo boy'"."I'm a cock sucking Speedo boy." I replied, resigned to the fact that I
liked to wear Speedos and suck cock."I'll see you back here tomorrow for another blowjob - let's hope you can
improve - I might even bring some friends for you to suck as well - would
you like that?"Thoughts flashed through my head of me on my knees, a circle of guys
surrounding me, all wearing Speedos with hard cocks out ready to be serviced
by my mouth."I guess...""That's not the answer I want to hear," hissed Glenn "Your response should
be - 'As a cock sucking Speedo boy I'll be ready and willing to suck Speedo
cock'""As a cock sucking Speedo boy I'll be ready and willing to suck Speedo
cock." I replied, resigning to the fact that I had become a Speedo wearing
cock sucker who swallowed mouthfuls of strangers cum when they requested.Feedback welcome:
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